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Wages: A Maritime Lien

According to the Panamanian Constitution, work is considered a duty and a right of the individual[1]. In addition to the Political Constitution of the Republic of Panama, the Labor Code and Decree Law No. 8 of 1998 regulate the legal relationship between the worker and his employer, and the rules of public order that every […]

Claims for Loss or Damage to Cargo in Panama

Cargo traffic in Panamá The Panama Canal since its inauguration in 1914 has meant being one of the main goods traffic bridges worldwide. It has connected ports and nations, has strengthened the international maritime trade, as well as, the economy of the country itself[1]. Since the expansion of the Canal, large vessels and dimensions such […]

Panama Takes A Step In A ´Tranquil´ Direction Damages Seamen Can Claim For Personal Injury Claims

The Court System The Maritime System of Law offered by the Republic of Panama is comprised of a tri fold of institutions: a global Merchant Marine, an efficient Public Registry of Vessel and World Class Justice Administration by Two Specialized Maritime Courts and a Maritime Court of Appeals which controls the correct application of rule […]